Yo! Home: Transform 1 Room into 5!

With living in a big city with a dense population, there is always the problem of space. Luckily, there are always ways to overcome this issue, and a new initiative is taking place that could revolutionize what it means to live small yet fully.

Simon Woodroffe, founded Yo! Company which features the Yo! Home. This home style features a regular room with a degree of aesthetic appeal that not only includes laminated wooden flooring but other surprises such as the kitchen that disappears and the dining table and chairs that sink into the floor at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, a full bed descends from the ceiling and a cinema screen protrudes from the wall. This is box of tricks offers the perfect solution to the problem of constrained living, whether you reside in a busy city like London, Hong Kong or New York.

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 10.26.29 PMThis 40 square meter studio apartment includes a number of features such as a lounge, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, and office all while having room for storage space underneath the floors. Woodroffe announced this design back in 2012 and several changes have been made since then. However, work is now underway to create a finished product that will be introduced to the English city of Manchester. Woodroffe’s entrepreneurial pursuit has resulted in the inception of a heavily anticipated creation that will bring change to anyone who dreams of living small in a big city.


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