MAC Cosmetics Receives Racist Backlash To Instagram Photo Of Black Model’s Full Lips

Mac Cosmetics

On Wednesday evening MAC cosmetics shared a photo of a black woman that was taken backstage at the Ohne Titel New York Fashion Week presentation. The photo is a close up of the woman’s lips tinted with a deep purple shade of lipstick.

Upon posting this picture, many Instagram followers commented with racist messages mocking the woman’s lips.

Lips00 Fortunately, there was an instant response from some women who felt the woman’s features were beautiful.

MAC5MAC has yet to release a statement but some of the negative comments have been removed from the photo. It seems that while there is some recognition of black beauty and phrases such as "black don't crack" get tossed around liberally, the eurocentric features that have customarily been hailed as beautiful continue to outshine the beauty of black women and black features.

Kylie Jenner was praised for having plump lips and subsequently led to a whole trend of plump lip photos that left people with bruised faces - but Jenner was still deemed acceptable. When will the double standards on beauty fade away? More importantly, when will black features be socially acceptable enough to be recognized as beautiful?


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