Unleash the Power of the Red Lipstick

Never thought you could wear a red lip Stick? Now you can!

By Jamila Hartsfield

Red lipstick is a universal classic. What woman does not want to wear a red lip? It is daring, extremely glamorous, and just all around stunning! What better way to let the world know that you are fabulous? In 2011 red lips are hotter than ever, and they are here to stay for a few seasons. A nice, full red lip used to been seen as a “no-no” for most women, but that is no longer the case. Now woman in all career fields are wearing red lips. Many would like to wear red lipstick, but assume they can’t. So for those of you that feel you can’t, allow me to tell you how to wear and create the perfect red lip.

Anyone can pull off a red lip, but the shade of red varies from person to person. First, let’s cover one BIG red lip mistake. Rule number one: You must always go light on the eye makeup and blush; you do not want to look like a clown. I am sure we have all seen someone who went all out on the eye makeup, blush and then put on a red lip. They looked like they were ready to show up at a kid’s party and blow up balloons! Go light on the eyes, skip the eyeliner and use nice, thick mascara. Or you can skip the shadow and just use liner (cat eyes go great with red lips) and mascara. Apply your powder, and very softly apply your blush. 

The key to your perfect shade of red lies in the color of your skin. The paler your skin, the brighter your lips will appear. You can actually go brighter if you have pale skin. How to pick the right color: If your complexion is darker, you’ll look great is a plum shades. Fair-skinned women with yellow tones look better in warmer reds. My favorite shade is Ruby Woo (bright red), but I like for my lips to pop! If you are not sure what shade will look good on you, the best thing to do is to consult a makeup artist so that you can find your perfect shade. With that being said, very few makeup artists stick to one shade of red. You can blend colors to get your perfect shade. If you have a shade of red that you feel is too bright for you or too dark, don’t get rid of it. Try to blend it with another shade and you may just create the perfect color combination for yourself.

When applying your red lipstick, first apply a lip scrub. Flaky skin on the lips can ruin this look, so exfoliate the lips first. Then, apply a lip primer. This will also moisturize the lips. Sometimes red lipstick bleeds, so apply liner to lips. Pay special attention to the dip on the top lip; that is sexy. Lastly, apply your lipstick. After you have applied your lipstick, blot the lips on a tissue. Then, apply another thin coat. This will ensure that the lipstick lasts longer.

Once you have your perfect shade and are wearing your fabulous red lipstick, beware of the stain on your teeth. Lick your teeth often to ensure that you do not have lipstick on them. Go ahead and be bold, and fabulous!



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