Turning Weakness into Opportunity

By Milio Aldea 

Ever had anyone tell you, "Your weakness is _____". Ouch! I don't know how much people  realize how the word “weak” can hurt someones self-esteem.

Nobody likes being called weak. It's like calling a fighter.

"Don't say you can't do pull-ups. Say that you’re currently struggling with pull-ups". That was a powerful statement made by Tony Horton on his P90X program. Stop identifying weaknesses and start identifying ways to get better. Identifying weaknesses is what everyone else does. Not you!

By now it’s understood that being positive is the only option to attract positive people. 


If you’re applying for a sales job and  the interviewer happens to ask you: "Tell me what your weaknesses are?", don't say, "I don't have any weaknesses". Even though it could be the truth, the interviewer might not believe you.

You are great, but they don't know that. Show them how great you are by responding with, "I'm a very bad astronaut. I’ve never ridden a horse, so I can assure you I am very bad at that too. And I’m probably the worse killer-whale trainer you'll ever meet."

The interviewer won’t expect a response like that and he/she will know that you have one of the most contagious skills in sales. Humor! If they happen to  ask you, "no but seriously", then answer, "I would do weak presentations if I didn't prepare for them, but I am always fully prepared before I present. I would do weak sales pitches, if I didn't know about this company, but I am the person that will motivate people to call you to do business. I'm currently struggling at making you 1 million dollars in sales, because I don't have the job yet. But it seems I'm making progress to making that happen as well".

Smile big and make complete eye contact when delivering that.

You’re almost there, please don't miss the point. To identify a weakness is to subconsciously convince yourself that you are not going to improve at it. Four years ago, I struggled in sales, but  never identified it as a weakness. It was an opportunity to get better at it. You get good at what you do by believing in it, preparing and taking action.

You can be extraordinary at what you do if you start today, by developing the new mindset it requires,and guess what? You’re only one book away from being knowledgeable, one audio CD from being motivated, one YouTube video away from being inspired, a couple of Networking Events away from knowing what works, and a handshake away from meeting a person that will walk with you all the way to the bank.



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