Top 5 Ways to Not Be an A** When Ordering Fast Food

By Cierra Martin

We’re all guilty of resorting to a nice, greasy, cheeseburger after a hard day of work. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it satisfies that “I would eat a cardboard box if it was in front of me” feeling we can all relate to.

Whether it be the end of a long, frustrating day at work, a day out doing errands, or simply looking for quick food, going to fast food chains for a meal is an efficient, high calorie, way of satisfying your food craving. However, what many people tend to forget is that the people behind the counter flipping the burgers could also be having a long, frustrating day at work. Treating fast food employees with the same respect you would a server at a five star restaurant is an important skill to have.

From my experience working part time at a fast food chain, I have seen just about every kind of person place an order through the drive thru. Over time I have figured out a sure fire way to not completely aggravate the person asking to “please take your order” Here are five of the ways to improve your ordering:

1) Have a pretty good idea of what you intend to order before ordering

It’s understandable to be indecisive over what you want to eat. However, the choice between a chicken sandwich and a cheeseburger isn’t exactly life or death. Having in mind what you’re going to order, especially if the fast food restaurant you’re at is busy at that particular moment helps not only you to get your food faster, but helps the cashier to move the line faster for those behind you.









2) Annunciation is key!

Mumbling is never fun for anyone taking an order, especially if the person working has been at his or her store since opening. Being clear and annunciating each item ordered is a great way to ensure not only that your food is right, but also to maintain the habit of correct pronunciation.







3) Throwing a temper tantrum if you have ice in your drink- seriously?

So you ordered a medium diet coke with no ice- perfectly fine.

So you order a medium diet coke with no ice and you receive ice in it… is it time to start a revolution?

Odds are it was a perfectly honest mistake and can easily be fixed upon calmly letting the server know that you requested otherwise. Acting as a child that just dropped their ice cream cone is no way to go about ordering French fries. Even if you had a hard day and are not in the mood to tolerate anything else going wrong in your day, not losing your cool over something so insignificant is something to be stressed.








4) Examining your bag of food on the spot

A force of habit for some people, but none the less a quirk that is semi annoying to not only employees, but also the man behind you who would like to place his order. Insisting on dissecting your entire order before you even sit down is something that most people tend to do in order to not exert energy into going back to the counter. Not only does doing this hold up the cue line, but also… who wants to open up their food on the surface of a cashiers counter? 

looking in bag






5) It’s fast food, not your coffee order

“I want an iced venti chai latte with skim milk, two splendas stirred in and extra ice in the cup”. Maybe that’s acceptable at Starbucks, but when you’re ordering off of the dollar menu, it’s pretty odd asking for specific onion count on your burger, don’t you think? Over complicating your order to the point that each item requires a special alteration is pretty annoying to listen to as well as to make. Keeping it simple is normally the best way to go when ordering fast food. It’s called fast food for a reason, isn’t it?










Perhaps you’re guilty of one, two, or even all of these nuances. Is it the end of the world? Not exactly. However, incorporating these minor changes into your ordering at McDonald’s may not only make your servers life a little easier, but also make you feel good about receiving your food quickly and with a smile!




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