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Growing up as a child, I have probably watched every episode of Full House 50 times—if not more. While I waited in anticipation for Fuller House (the new series of Full House), it finally came and premiered on Friday, February 26th. Of course I couldn’t even wait for the first episode to come on later that night, so I went straight to Netflix first thing on Friday morning.

While I don’t think I will ever love it as much as the original Full House series, I have already had a few laughs within this first season. A few cons and pros:


  • Fuller House is not as innocent as the original series: I was able to figure this out within the first episode when Stephanie’s breasts were hanging out of her dress and it was actually talked about—and continued during the sixth episode. Also, the third episode involved dirty dancing and tequila shots. In the seventh episode, Stephanie encourages 13-year-olds to pair up and make-out while the lights are off. Yikes. While this may not seem like a big deal since it’s so prevalent in TV shows and movies, need I remind you, this is a FULL HOUSE series.
  • No Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen: Michelle was undoubtedly the most adorable character of them all. Fuller House is definitely not the same without the Olsen twins and the famous phrase with a thumbs up, “You got it, dude.”


  • It has a plenty of similarities to the original series: DJ has three children—all boys, her husband is deceased. Tommy is the youngest boy, who is a baby, played by two babies. They live in the same house and have a Golden Retriever whose name is Comet.
  • Same theme song—While it does have the same theme song, and I personally like the first one better, Carley Rae Jepsen sings this version and I greatly appreciate that the theme song has not changed.
  • The Olsen twin jokes: In Episode 1, Stephanie asks where her little sister is. Danny Tanner (“Bob Saget”) replies and says, “Well Michelle sends her love, but is busy in New York running her fashion empire.” Then Joey, Rebecca, Jesse, Danny, DJ, and Stephanie all stare at the camera for twelve seconds. In episode seven, Ramona (Kimmy Gibbler’s daughter) says “I got my first designer dress for the party. It’s an Elizabeth & James by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.” Her mom responds and says “At these prices, no wonder they don’t need to act anymore.”
  • Jokes about the show: In episode 8, talking about a ‘Wake Up San Francisco Reunion Show,’ Kimmy says “Isn’t it kind of sad when they drag out the whole cast for some lame reunion show?” Danny responds and says “Not when the show is adored by millions and the stars are beloved cultural icons.” In the same episode, when he’s playing poker with the grandson, he lays down cards saying “tens and queens, full house.” The oldest grandson responds and says “Kings and aces, fuller house."
  • UNCLE JESSE IS MORE ROMANTIC THAN EVER: Not only does he sing to Rebecca in the first episode, in the ninth episode he sent her a thousand roses while he was in LA and she was in San Francisco. His reasoning was “It was a thank you…for getting to wake up next to you every morning, and fall in love with you all over again.”

While I loved the original series for its innocence—I believe a true comedy is when a person can laugh because it is genuinely funny—this series is not as bad as I thought it was going to be when I watched the first episode. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have finished the first season by the next day!


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