Long Lost Sisters Connect & Launch Wine Company Built On Love

By Samantha Di Paolo


The McBride sister's: Robin (left) and Andréa.

In a world where you turn on the news and there seems to be a million and one things going wrong, it’s a breath of fresh air to hear a happy story with what seems like a fairy-tale ending.

The story of Robin and Andréa McBride, half-sisters who had no idea about each other growing up, finding each other and creating their dream together is a story that can’t help but rejuvenate faith in this roller coaster world. And like any good story, it involves great wine.

Robin and Andréa McBride have the same father and different mothers. They both were born in Los Angeles and both born after what Robin describes as a “pretty intense spectacular relationship that ended badly” in the cases of both of their mothers with their father.

After Robin was born and her father was no longer in the picture, her mother moved them to Monterey. She grew up thinking she was an only child, not knowing that nine years after her birth her half sister Andréa was born.

Andréa’s story was quite similar to that of Robin’s. Andréa’s mother had originally been from New Zealand and had decided to bring Andréa to live there. The sisters were completely unaware of each other growing up, more than half way around the world from each other.


At the former cotton plantation their father grew up on in Camden, Alabama. (Courtesy of the McBride Sister's instagram)

Years later, when their father knew his time was running out, he made one of his last request, that his family find and connect his daughters. He told them that he thought one was in New Zealand and the other was in California. This was 1994 though, there was no option of searching on Facebook and messaging the women who fit that name and looked like they could be his daughters. However, that would not stop the girls’ uncle from doing what he could. After seeing an Oprah episode on private detectives and tracking people down when you need to find them, along with a book as guidance he started the process and sent letters across the country and finally the letter was received by the right Robin McBride.

The letter Robin received was a shocking one, “I had learned that my dad had passed away but that I had a little sister.” Anyone can imagine the mix of emotions, but despite the overwhelming nature of the letter’s content, Robin called the number of her aunt that was included in the letter. She learned that her sister, Andréa, was in Alabama and at that point Robin was in Georgia.

Andréa was going to New York the next day to meet more of her father’s family, and after an emotional phone call between the two sisters, Robin hopped on a plane also. The next day the sisters met for the first time in LaGuardia Airport, unaware of the amazing life journey they were about to begin together.

In the process of getting to know each other and bonding, the two sisters spoke of the places they had grown up and learned that they both came from agricultural areas and newly developed wine regions. It was in this time that both sisters learned of the thoughts and dreams they had about being in the wine business.


(Courtesy of the McBride sister's instagram)

"We kinda felt quite powerful...you know, two sisters could do anything together."   

After learning of each other the sisters made efforts through visits back and forth to make up for lost time and be involved in each other’s lives. Andréa talks of this time and how it was the beginning of their business in the wine industry together, “those kinds of dreams started to come up more and more frequent in our conversations. And we felt after we met that it was quite serendipitous in the way that we were brought together and we kinda felt quite powerful,” at this point a quick knowing laugh came through from both sisters and Andréa continued, “ You know, two sisters could do anything together.”

Andréa was studying business at the University of Southern California, and Robin had already had a few years of experience in corporate America and the business of exporting and importing goods. The sisters combined their knowledge in the wine business.



The sisters’ first wine was Eco.Love from Marlborough, New Zealand. Their newer wine Truvée is from the Central Coast of California. You can get yours without even leaving your computer for $15.99 at truveewines.com.

Some would think that two people growing up in such different parts of the world would hit some rough spots trying to make two dreams into one, but the McBride sisters think it did the opposite. “We took these two similar but different experiences growing up, and were able to piece together something that is very unique and very ours…what was created a lot of people can enjoy and relate to.”


A photo from the McBride sisters' Instyle magazine tasting and interview

Often people say that a person’s Instagram is life with a filter on, which the sister’s almost unbelievable Instagram pictures appear to be. But the sisters confirmed they are living a charmed life, consisting of amazing food, amazing people, and amazing wine.

The sisters love the feedback they get from friends, family and people around the world having great times and doing great things with their wine. People send them photographs and emails, they find blogs that have recipes made from their wines, and they love the idea of their wine being involved in other people making memories. Andréa says, “The idea of bringing people together, that’s what’s really cool. That’s what drives us besides being connected to nature, being connected to my sister and making beautiful wines, I think the real reason we really love the wine business is this beautiful product brings people together.”

Consumers today are constantly being bombarded by cold, and hard corporate America. So many companies sell products for the sake of making money, but the McBride sisters are of the rare breed that consider their product a part of themselves, and actually care about more than the dollar signs. “ We have worked hard and put our heart and soul into making this wine, that it reflects our story of us coming together and what we love most about people coming together over the wine we worked so long to create,” said Robin.

Repost from Instagram of wine critic and author John Turi, https://instagram.com/y9review/

"...we're always striving towards creating excellent wine."

Andréa adds in what every person spending money on any product wants to hear, and that is they are getting more for their money than what they are paying for. “We never want to disappoint our customers and what drives us is always creating wine that over delivers on the price that the customers are paying, over delivers on the packaging and all the details that we build and to every aspect of the wine, from the cork details to the label details to on the website the things they can access there, you know we’re always striving towards creating excellent wine.”


The sisters enjoying a precious moment in the Vineyard.

I don’t know about all of you but the McBride sisters and their story have everything I think one can ask for. Their story is one of family that shows the world works in mysterious, amazing ways. It shows how a dream can become a reality through lots of heart and soul, belief in the power of dreams, dedication to quality, and the true invincible and unstoppable nature of two sisters working together.


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