Women’s History Month Spotlight: Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks sparked what would become the Montgomery Bus Boycott. On December 1, 1955, Rosa Parks was on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama headed home after a long day at work. One may wonder why a simple trip home could become a memorable day in history.

The Montgomery Bus System during the days of Jim Crow had a rule that required Blacks to move to the back of a bus if a White person needed a seat. The buses were also divided into Black(the back of the bus) and White(the front of the bus) sections.

On her route home, a White man entered the bus, but could not find a seat because the "White Section" was full. The bus driver told the Blacks sitting in the first rows of the Black Section to stand and create more room for the man. Everyone got up, except Rosa Parks.


She was arrested that day and taken into custody.

Black Residents Walking, Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955

Black Residents Walking, Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955

On November 13, 1956, the Supreme Court ruled segregation on buses were unconstitutional.

Rosa Parks lived the rest of her life dedicated to the fight for equality until her passing on October 24, 2005. Parks was 92 years old.

Today we recognize Rosa Parks for her courage, sacrifice, and desired for equality for everyone.



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