Famous Endorsements On Their Way For Trump?

Trump and his upcoming endorsements. Mostly Racists but also Young Jeezy, The Oscars, and another The Donald! Fun Collage of this year in racists.

After Sarah Palin's endorsement of Trump, many other big-name endorsements are surely on the way. Here are a few that we expect are coming:

1. Hulk Hogan - It is not long before the famous WWE wrestler, notorious for his freak out after his daughter was dating an African American, will throw himself in the ring for the Trump campaign.

2. Donald Sterling - As a fellow racist Donald, it is pretty obvious this endorsement is on the way. The Former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers was caught being a racist when he asked his girlfriend not to take pictures with black people (the black man  in question was beloved Magic Johnson, who Sterling further insulted in an interview with Anderson Cooper).

3. Young Jeezy - Trump is thinking of using the rapper's anthem, "All White Everything" as his campaign theme song.

4. Paula Deen - Famous celebrity chef turn public racist is sure to whip up a batch of cookies in the shape of Trump's face and pass them out on election day.

5. That friend of yours who plays devil's advocate on social media when it's not necessary - We all have that one friend who claims to love a "honest debate" but is secretly a sexist and a racist.  His endorsement may sound like this, "Just playing devil's advocate here, but Donald Trump does have some solid points about border control and refugees, just saying."

6. Mel Gibson - Famous movie maker has never been shy about his racism and anti-semitism, so we would not be surprised at all if he were to endorse Mr. Trump. Even worse, Gibson plans on making an Expendables 4.

7. Vladimir Putin - Trump has said he would be friendly with Putin, which makes sense because they are both tyrannical and openly offensive. Putin would be an odd endorsement seeing that he is kind of our enemy but Trump's charm knows no bounds.

8. Kim Davis - This woman actually became famous for being a homophobe. Enough said.

9. The Oscars - Similar to the Oscars, Trump plans on excluding black people.

Also, watch "Best Of Sarah Palin's Endorsement Speech" :

Sarah Palin Says The Darndest Things and She May Get Vice Pres...Full compilation of all of Sarah Palin's silliest lines from her first speech endorsing Trump. Palin's crazy, she's fun, and she's in full force… We may be looking at Sarah Palin VP round 2! Hurray!


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