The Rise of RYSE

RYSE Media Group, Inc. was founded by Jay Jackson in 2011.Jay Jackson image

After experiencing success in the real estate and health & beauty industries, Jackson found himself being called upon as a guest speaker to share his entrepreneurial experiences at various colleges, universities and professional organizations.

During many of his speaking engagements, Jackson began to notice a recurring theme amongst his audience of listeners. While many were entertained by his story of overcoming obstacles, they were also inspired by his achievements at such a young age. Knowing that his success was not exclusive, Jackson saw this as an opportunity to develop a platform that would recognize and celebrate young professionals who were excelling in their careers, be it through corporate achievements or creative entrepreneurial pursuits.

Jackson knew that studying others success greatly increased an individual’s chance of achieving their own. He wanted to create a vehicle that could serve as an outlet to share those stories; a positive means to show what can be achieved through a continuous commitment towards personal and professional development and persistence towards a worthy goal. Jackson wanted a platform of which people who were featured would be proud to be a part of and others could refer back to when they needed inspiration. He also knew this could be a valuable resource for personal development and advancement. In order to determine if his concept would be something that people would find value in, Jackson decided to initially launch as a local publication.

He aptly named it “RYSE”, an acronym for “Recognizing the Young Successful & Empowered”, a name which also symbolized what a person committed towards success must continually strive to do despite whatever obstacles they may be faced with.

Without having any knowledge of the magazine business, Jackson quickly became a student of the industry and acclimated himself to the field. He simultaneously began his search to comprise a team of experienced writers, photographers, web developers and a graphic designer. Within a few weeks, Jackson had amassed his team of committed professionals to begin this arduous journey.

Armed with the vision of what RYSE could become, Jackson hit the streets going from business to business attempting to sell ads to pay for a publication that no one had yet seen. He received numerous rejections but gained enough support to produce a modest print run for the first issue.

RYSE CoverIn just two and a half months after receiving the vision, the premier issue of RYSE was published. To commemorate the momentous occasion, a launch celebration was held at the Amway Center (home of the Orlando Magic), which was attended by over 600 business and community leaders, as well as various elected officials. Several Magic players were also in attendance, thanks to the premier issue’s cover subject, Lucas Boyce, a young executive with the Orlando Magic.

With the wind at their back, RYSE gained immediate notoriety in the city and support from City of Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer.

In less than two years, corporate support increased for RYSE with recognizable National brands such as: Pepsi, State Farm, ESPN, Walt Disney World, AT&T, TD Bank, Universal Studios, the Orlando Magic, Mercedes Benz, BB&T Bank and Wal-Mart, which featured RYSE’s Women on the RYSE issue on the front page of their community website. That corporate support allowed Jackson and RYSE to make an impact in the community and produce signature events that included; The Women on the RYSE Honors, The RYSE Awards and the RYSING Star 40 under 40, among many other professional social activities that were attended by many of the city’s most successful and influential executives.RYSE Awards

Along the way, RYSE quickly became a resource for their corporate supporters by assisting them with their commitment to diversity and inclusion, due the database of top quality young professionals RYSE has amassed.

Today, RYSE has evolved into much more than a magazine; it’s a movement and a way of life. From the humble beginnings of a newsworthy and thought-provoking glossy print publication, to the RYSE Connected community; which serves as a valuable resource providing real-time news and other professional resources, RYSE is a social network bringing professionals together to empower one another and celebrate each other’s success.

RYSE is truly on the rise and Jay, along with his team, have continued to stay committed to their vision: To inspire others to want more, do more and achieve more so that one day they will ultimately BE more!

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