Johnson & Johnson Pay $72 Million in Talcum Powder Cancer Case

A jury in St. Louis Missouri ordered the house known brand, Johnson and Johnson, to pay out $72 million in damages to Jackie Fox's family for the cause of her death. Fox died at the age of 65 due to ovarian cancer, which she believes was a direct result from using the company's talcum powder for over 50 years.

The family argued the company was well aware of potential carcinogens in the talcum powder's formula but failed to properly warn their customers.

Carol Goodrich, a Johnson and Johnson spokeswoman released a statement to CNN claiming their products are safe and nonhazardous:


"The recent U.S. verdict goes against decades of sound science proving the safety of talc as a cosmetic ingredient in multiple products, and while we sympathize with the family of the plaintiff, we strongly disagree with the outcome."


During the trial, lawyers for Fox's family showed convincing studies they said "prove the link between talc and ovarian cancer". Some scientists are torn and say the evidence doesn't suffice to actually make the connection. The lawsuit is just one of 50 pending cases against Johnson and Johnson concerning its talcum powder. Consumers are still left wondering if talcum powder is hazardous or not.


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