How Do You Know When Your Political Party Has A Problem With Minority Outreach?


Originally published on The Black Aristrocat

How do you know when your party has a problem with minority outreach...

1. Your two Hispanic candidates are polling lower (with Latinos/Hispanics) than the guy who wants to kick them out of the country in the first place.

2. The lone black candidate spent most of his campaign acting as if race wasn't a "true" problem in this country...only to remind people that our POTUS "isn't black enough"....and guess what...he is STILL polling less than Trump among black conservatives.

3. David Duke (yes THAT is David Duke former Grand Wizard of the KKK) publicly endorsed the leading candidate.

4. The Democratic Party has two white candidates with an average of 71 years old...and both of them have more in common with Minorities than the youngest minority candidate in the republican race (Rubio).

5. Trump would deport Rubio and Cruz if they weren't running for office..sadly both would vote in favor of that before realizing what they had done.

6. Do you know the difference between SNCC, SCLC (60's civil rights organization). And BLM movements today? Me neither. Sadly, each RNC candidate looks at BLM as more of a nuisance/problem, than a reactionary voice of the distressed. If MLK Jr. were alive today, they would kindly remind him to stop protesting as well. Ponder that.

7. 20% of Trump voters who were polled have a problem with idea of "Free Slaves"...and if you tell me "well that means 80% believe in freeing slaves!" I will reply that's cool, let me take 20% of your salary and see if that is still an important number.

8. Ted Cruz's real first name is Rafael. Some how he has forgotten to remind voters what his FIRST NAME is..I guess he figured out early on in his career that his FIRST NAME wouldn't poll well.

9. RNC thinks Hispanic and Latino are the same thing....because you know...they both speak Spanish.

10. It's pretty bad when members of your own minority group look at you like..."Naw, I'm straight...I'm picking the white guy who may or may not like me".

Bonus: They literally told the commander and chief that "We are not accepting your recommendations" for an empty seat in one of the Three Branches of government. We want to keep it vacant for 11 months. Something that has never ever been done before.

If your asking how does race play a factor? If you, the sole minority at your job was told you weren't allowed to make a recommendation, for no real apparent reason. A practice that has never happened at your companies 240 year existence. Congratulations!!! You my friend just won a racial discrimination case. Ponder on that.


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