From High School Dropout to Music Industry Innovator

The Story of Brandyn Armstrong, Founder of Studio Stick LLC

Studio Stick Inventor Brandyn Armstrong

“We see a lot of people coming out the hood as rappers or something but to see a young black inventor gives a lot of hope that the hood has possibilities.” This is what Brandyn Armstrong, the 24-year-old former high school drop out from the East-side of Cleveland, told me when asked about what his success means. Armstrong is the inventor of Studio Stick, an inexpensive, portable alternative to studio quality recording. Despite the products high acclaim from inventors, investors, and people all over the music industry, Brandon does not forget his humble beginnings.

Brandyn spent a lot of time on the streets of East Cleveland during high school, leading him to failing grades and to eventually drop out. Looking back, Brandyn says, “It was strange because I still knew I was going places.” He also notes, “The route I was on was going to lead to a dead-end.”

Despite his lack of school success, Brandon picked up acclaim as a rapper and even started a label with his friends that, “was making a lot of noise in the neighborhood.” Unable to succeed in the framework of a traditional high-school setting, it was clear that, from an early age, he had high aspirations.

Brandyn was convinced to return to education at a local community college and from there he flourished, receiving two degrees, and then going on to Cleveland State to work towards his Bachelors. During his time at Cleveland State, he utilized his background in rap music and came up with the idea for Studio Stick. Brandyn had much experience with the inconvenience and inaccessibility of recording studios for up-and-coming artists. Brandyn wanted to end this by democratizing quality audio for musicians and podcasters everywhere.

His idea was immediately well received and he even won a major grant to create the technology. Since then, Studio Stick has gained much media attention around Cleveland. I was curious to see how Brandyn was celebrating the success; “I humble myself and get back to work,” he said.

Brandyn does not forget where he came from, claiming, “we are Cleveland and a ton of the city is behind us.” His greatest highlight since starting the company is the support from the Cleveland community and it is very clear he loves his city. Brandyn noted his desire to return the favor down the line and is already doing so by acting as a role model for young students who may be feeling the way Brandyn felt growing up.

Brandyn Armstrong’s road to success has not been easy but his continued struggle paves the way for other aspiring young men to RYSE up, no matter their situation.

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