Celibacy: The New Black?

Part One/Four

[media-credit id=143 align="alignleft" width="275"]Janette McGhee[/media-credit]

It all started with a poem, “I Will Wait for You,” by Janette McGhee. A poem that simply reflected the acceptance of singleness but progressed into so much more.

Janette McGhee, a 31 year old Christian poet, voiced how she would wait on the man God had for her--not only in keeping herself from being sexually active, but refraining from the dating scene all together. “I will no longer date, socialize, or communicate with carbon copies of you to appease my boredom or quench my thirsty desire for attention…” McGhee concludes that she would wait because he is already praying for her and her for him.

Would you have ever imagined that a poem recited years ago could still have an effect on the lives of others today? Well, her poem affected many, especially the single and waiting of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Just look at the number of views her video currently has on YouTube: in 2011, she had almost 500,000 views; today she has over 3,000,000. That’s an average of 750, 000 views per year since she recited it.

It’s satisfying to state that the man of her dreams--or in this case, poem--found her. If you follow their story further you’ll find that he was one of the many men sitting in the audience as she performed. He pursued her, asked her to marry him and took the time to document it all as encouragement for those waiting on the man and/or woman they are meant to be with.

The documentation of Janette’s journey--from that slamming poetry night all the way up until the day of their wedding vows and beyond--showed that it was not only beneficial to wait for your mate, but once you have them, the importance of taking the personal steps needed to grow a healthy relationship.

[media-credit id=143 align="alignright" width="300"]Janette and Mathew Watson[/media-credit]

During Janette and her husband, Matthew’s courtship, they didn’t have premarital sex at all. They didn’t even kiss. In one of the videos, a part of “The Wait Is Over?” series, she exclaims that it wasn’t too hard for her to abstain from sexual activity because she had already made up in her mind to do so. The ending result gave her the man she was waiting for and honor from God for being obedient.

In this video, of her wedding vows, she describes the benefits of her waiting…just for him.

"I Waited For You"

Janette and Matthew are Christians, and ascribe to the belief that premarital sex is immoral, but they are not the only ones who have abstained from premarital sexual relationships.

Celibacy is becoming more and more popular in our current age and time. Christian or not, many women and men are making the conscious decision to abstain from premarital sex in relationships, or sex in general.

In Part 2 of this series I will talk about the benefits of celibacy and how it enhances self-relationships and the relationships people have with their mates.

Follow Janette and Matthew’s story here:

“I Will Wait For You”

The Wait is Over?

Janette and Matthew Watson’s 6 Month Update.



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