Boycott Beyonce

As only she can Beyoncé Knowles-Carter surprised the world with a new single "Formation" followed by an accompanying video exclusively on Tidal and her website. To put the icing on the cake Knowles-Carter along with "Uptown Funk" singer Bruno Mars and Coldplay took the stage during halftime with an explosive performance to say the least. Although Beyoncé wasn't the main attraction, she stole the show as we all expected. With an ensemble paying homepage to Michael and Janet Jackson, and her background dancers adorning Black Panther attire, there was no doubt her performance just like her video took a political stance.

"Formation" adorns many symbolic images that address topics such as police brutality, the after math of Hurricane Katrina that many say was racially motivated, images pertaining to her child, Blue Ivy and the criticism she's faced in regards to her natural hair. Beyoncé is the "black Bill Gates in the making" and has the ability to create one in her significant other as well. No platform is better than the Super Bowl halftime show if you want to reach a diverse audience and make a statement people will talk about for time to come.

After her performance, the hashtag #BoycottBeyonce took over social media. Former New York mayor Rudy Guliani  publicly criticized the performance deeming it "outrageous". "This is football not Hollywood, and I thought it was really outrageous that she used it as a platform to attack police officers who are the people that protect her and protect us and keep us alive." Many of us in the black some unity can find many things wrong with Guliani's statement just by looking at the alarming number of police brutality cases that we committed last year alone, a number surpassing 1,000! One tweet read "if you love the men and women who serve in our military and police our streets #BoycottBeyonce because their lives matter #superbowl."

Knowles-Carter definitely stirred conversation in the U.K. with the country's largest media group, Global, banning all things Beyonce'. There are to be no music videos, no air play, no conversation involving her. It may be due to her highly political video/performance or the announcement of her world tour which conflicted with negotiations the two had pertaining to Global's Summertime Ball performance line-up.

The "BoycottBeyonce" hashtag quickly took on another meaning, when her vast and loyal fan base the "Beyhive"decided to boycott the #boycottbeyonce tag! Fans and supporters of Carter and the Black Lives Matter moment quickly aligned and defended the song and it's performance stating it's relevance and necessity in society are more prevalent than ever. Only so many entertainers have the ability to spark up controversy and conversation the way Beyoncé can. Controlling her identity as a black woman who is well versed and involved in the black community surprises and startles some of her fans but that won't stop the international super star from carrying hot sauce in her purse and annoying the "Formation" world tour whose proceeds will be donated to the Flint water crisis!


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