Answering To A Higher Court


Glinda, with her son’s Torrence (left), Jordan (middle),
and Quentin (right)

By Joni Fletcher

When most people would've let go and given up, Attorney Glinda Pruitt held on to her unshakeable faith in God. It’s by His grace alone that she has been able to endure life’s challenges and con­tinue on when the road got rocky.

Pruitt was born and raised in Orlando Florida, where she grew up with three siblings. She attended Evans High School and later continued her studies at Bethune Cookman University in Day­tona Beach, Florida where she gradu­ated summa cum laude in 2002.Her initial major was mathematics, but that was soon to change. “I loved numbers and formulas but realized rather quickly, that I did not wish to become an Actuary, sitting in an office all day figuring out algorithms. I always knew that I was curious and had a voice that needed to be heard.”

It was her last year at Bethune Cook­man University when she decided to pur­sue another career path. She changed her major from mathematics to criminal justice to pursue a career in law.

In 2004, Pruitt received acceptance to Florida A & M University College of Law in Orlando, FL. Just as she embarked on the journey to pursue her calling in becoming a lawyer, her personal life took a turn for the worst. A year prior to enrolling, Pruitt’s eldest son Torrence was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoid Leukemia, a blood cancer that affects the white blood cells making it difficult to fight infections. Despite having a child with Cancer and another who had yet to reach 1 year of age, Pruitt was determined to succeed.

Despite having to withdraw from school to care for her son, she returned to Law School at Florida A & M Univer­sity in 2006. “Even though I was a single mom, I was not going to stop school because my son had can­cer. I persevered through that. I don’t feel there’s anything I cannot do, because God’s desire is for me to always triumph.” And triumph is what she did, gradu­ating from Law School at Florida A&M University in the top 20% of her class three years later.

Today Glinda Pruitt is a full-time attorney and founder of Glinda Pruitt Attorney at Law. Her first case out of law school, Pruitt helped to secure a six-figure confidential settlement for her client. To date, Pruitt has not lost any of her cases and cred­its all of her success to God’s grace and mercy. Her heart’s desire is to always keep him at the center of everything she does personally and professionally.

“My greatest accomplishment is being able to minister to people about God. Every person who comes into my office, whether they retain my services or not, I pray with them and tell them about God. Even though they are com­ing to me for one thing, I get to help their lives in another area, spiritually.”

In her spare time, when she’s not busy with her 3 boys, Pruitt enjoys being very active in her church, Everlasting Covenant Christian Center in Apopka Florida, where she is passionate about the music ministry.

GlInda Pruitt’s life has been far from a walk in the park, but with a lot of prayer and faith she has seen victory in some of the most difficult areas of her life. In 2007 Torrence relapsed from his battle with cancer, but that wasn’t enough to make Pruitt question God’s faithfulness

“Nine days before my second son was born, the eldest was diagnosed with Cancer. My doctor at the time actually paid for the stem cells to be saved and who knew 7 years later the stem cells were tested, and determined to be 100% match. That just confirmed for me that God had already made a way for me, I just needed to believe. I needed to con­tinue to press.”

Although Pruitt was told Torrence was not going to live, today he has a whole new healthy immune system. Fight after fight Pruitt has endured and come out victoriously! She believes there’s no challenge too difficult for God.

As Pruitt continues to grow person­ally, professionally and spiritually, she sets her eyes on one objective.

”My goal is to build a firm that is not centered around me, because it is not about me, it’s about me giving back to the community what God has so gra­ciously provided, which is knowledge and wisdom to serve him through the area of law.” 



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