10- Year-old Holds Confidence Conference for Young Girls


Olivia Allen, Confidence Conference

Poster for "I Can Be" Girl's Confidence Conference

Olivia Allen of Louisville, KY held a conference last month called “I Can Be: Girls Confidence Conference” to inspire young girls to have confidence in themselves.

She’s not your average 10-year-old. While her friends were playing outside and drawing, Allen planned to make a lasting footprint in the world. In an interview with the Huffington Post, Allen said, this conference was necessary because she noticed a decline in morale among young girls in her community. Amazing that a girl so young understands what morale is and exudes that.

Approximately 50 young girls between the ages of eight and 12 attended the conference where Allen discussed her own experiences of dealing with self-esteem. She held sessions incorporating teachings on physical, social and psychological issues young girls face, along with self-esteem issues.Unknown-1

Motivational speakers included Barbara Sexton Smith and Ashley D. Miller, who discussed following your dreams and realizing your passion. The conference opened with a commencement for Allen and her work within the community by the mayor of Louisville, Greg Fischer.

Allen said this would not be her last conference for girls, and that we’ll soon be hearing of the next one she organizes for her community. Allen Anitra, Allen’s mother, says that she has always encouraged her daughter to give back to her community in any way possible. Allen has also held food and toy drives for Kosair Charities to provide for homeless and underprivileged children.

Allen attributes much of her confidence to both her parents and her spiritual upbringing. Her career aspirations currently include everything from becoming a fashion designer, mathematician, news anchor, actress, singer and more.

"It was important to me because it was important to her," her mom said. "Confidence is one of those things that can dictate what you decide to do and that will influence who you think you are."

At the age of 10, Olivia Allen is a philanthropist and an inspiration to young girls everywhere.

“There are a lot of people in our community and if I help someone, they’ll help someone else… and it will be a cycle.”

Olivia Allen is definitely on the RYSE, and we certainly look forward to hearing more from her.



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